Where do I go for financial help?

When a financial situation comes about, a consumer needs to admit to the problem and realize that help is needed. Once realizing for financial help is acknowledged, a consumer needs to know where they can go for help to get the vital assistance they need. There are many places one can go for financial help.

Financial help is easily obtainable to consumers – from debt consolidation to debt counselling there is a service available that will suite the financial needs of a consumer.

Debt consolidation can be obtained in a variety of ways. There are debt consolidation agencies that specialise in these loans and who will assist a consumer to close their existing debts, and consolidate the amount into one easy to manage loan payment. Secondly consumers are free to consolidate their debts on their own by taking out a loan and settling their debts. However the latter option is only applicable to consumer that are not too over-indebted to qualify for a loan.

Consumers, who do not have debt consolidation as an available option, should contact a debt counselling company to assist them with financial help. But before doing so they should verify the credentials of the debt counselling company.  This means that the debt counsellor should be registered with The National Credit Regulator, and that they have received their NCR qualification. These credentials should always be made available upon request.

Financial help in the form of debt counselling is the best remedy a consumer can consider when debts become a considerable problem as it provides protection whilst teaching consumers how to be financially wise in the future.

Under The National Credit Act that was promulgated in 2007 – consumers can contact any accredited debt counsellor for financial help, provided the consumer has an income. Therefore if financial help is needed, consumers should make sure that they can provide an income that the counsellor can work with.

The choices available when it comes to finding financial help are no longer as restricted as they were before The National Credit Act came into effect and consumers ought to make full use of that.

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